Skincare Ingredients for Smooth Skin Texture

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

We all want smooth skin, right? So, here are some of the best skin care ingredients to help with the smoothness and texture of your skin.

1. Vitamin C

I use Vitamin C almost every morning! It helps to lighten sun spots, prevent blackheads, even-out skin tone, lift discoloration from breakout scars, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and boost collagen production. It also prevents environmental damage while giving the skin a brighter and fresher look. Check out this post more information on vitamin C and product recommendations.

2. Hyaluronic Acid

Naturally found in your skin, hyaluronic acid holds onto water and provides moisture and plumpness to the skin. When used in skincare products, it helps retain the skin’s natural moisture balance. With continued use, the skin’s water content improves and fine lines and wrinkles become plumper and therefore less visible. Check out this post more information on hyaluronic acid and product recommendations.

3. AHAs

AHAs (including glycolic, lactic, and fruit acids) is something everyone can benefit from. In addition to smoothing out skin texture, AHAs fade sun spots and hormone or post-breakout discoloration, reduce the appearance of large pores and soften fine lines, and reduce dryness while increasing lipid production.

4. Retinol

Retinol stimulates collagen, encourages faster cell turnover, fades sun spots and discoloration, and improves skin firmness. When used consistently, retinol can provide remarkable results for resurfacing the skin’s texture. Other than sunscreen, it’s one of the most proven topical anti-aging ingredients.

SIDE NOTE: Although sunscreen is not technically an “ingredient”, its imperative to having smooth skin. Sun damage hurts skin texture slowly and is not highly visible right away. Yet, most of the damage on a person’s skin is due to exposure to harmful UV rays, which are present anytime during sunlight hours, regardless if the sun is visible.

What do you think are the best skin care ingredients for smooth skin texture?