My Initial Thoughts on Biologique Recherche’s P50V 1970

I’ve heard about this french toner/tonic/lotion from every skincare fanatic. With a mixture of AHAs and BHAs, this product claims to balance the skin’s pH, protect and strengthen the epidermis, and hydrate and exfoliate dead skin cells and impurities.

I hadn’t originally tried it because:

  1. It’s really complicated to buy online due to the various formulas, and
  2. It’s pricey at $67 for 5.1 oz.

But, after seeing this pop-up in various blogs (i.e, Caroline Hirons and Skin & Tonics) with glowing reviews, I decided to try it out for myself. I went into Rescue Spa and met with Shatelle who recommended I purchase the P50V 1970 formula. P50V 1970 is their vitamin-enriched formula for sensitive skin. I would have never guessed which version to purchase so I definitely recommend having an in-person consultation before you buy.

Here are my thoughts:

  • This product is really potent! For the first three days after using this product, my skin turned beet red. But then my face got used to the product and it’s less stingy.
  • For the first week, I used the product day and night. Immediately, I found that my skin felt really cleansed. After the first week, I dialed my usage down a bit, using it only at night. I am still having great results.
  • This formula smells like formaldehyde and vinegar. I totally understand why people wouldn’t want this near their face, but I am not your average skincare user. I will put the smelliest things on my face if they actually work!
  • The bottle lasts longer than I thought. After 30 days, it’s still far from being half-empty.

No other exfoliator has such a unique and effective ingredient mix. You rarely see lactic acid anywhere, which is my AHA of choice because it’s safer and gentler than glycolic and almost everyone can tolerate it. I also love niacinamide for its pigment-targeting action. Bottle those up with a blend of antiseptic and anti-inflammatory botanicals, and you’ve got a winner. As a first-time (and late) user of P50V 1970, I’m in LOVE.

If there’s one skincare product I’d encourage you to try, this is it. Have you tried any formula of the P50 acid toner? If so, let me know your thoughts below.

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