Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin™ Liquid

I have been using Dr. Jart’s Ceramidin Liquid off-and-on for over two years. With the extremely cold weather, my skin is in dire need of moisture and hydration. As you know, I have eczema so my face (and my body) gets dry but the winter weather exacerbates it.

I first tried Ceramidin Liquid after a Sephora associate recommended it to help soothe my eczema. Ceramides are extremely hydrating, which is great for reducing my eczema flare-ups. Ceramides also help plump the skin which helps prevent signs of wrinkles and aging.

When I started using this, I was immediately impressed with the way my skin felt. My skin was more hydrated and the areas of my face that were once flaky are now smooth, soft, and flake-free.

So, what is a ceramide?

A ceramide is one of three types of lipids (fats) that help keep moisture in the skin. As we age, our skin naturally produces fewer ceramides. Applying ceramides help hold the skin together. They provide a protective layer on your skin that keeps it plump and retains moisture. Studies show ceramide-containing moisturizers help treat eczema, although anyone with dry skin can use them. So basically, if you have dehydrated, dry or eczema-prone skin, you’ll definitely benefit from adding some ceramides into your routine.

More about the Ceramidin Liquid…

This product feels lightweight and it absorbs into my skin without feeling greasy. I pat a few drops on my face before I apply my moisturizer. My skin initially looks dewy but that quickly fades, leaving my face with a healthy glow. My skin never feels tight after I apply this. I just repurchased this 5.07 oz. bottle for $39 today at Sephora. Each bottle goes a long way, lasting me a little over 6 months and I often use it twice a day. In the summer months, I sometimes use this in lieu of my moisturizer. The Ceramidin line also has a wonderful sheet mask.



Yes. I think it’s a great product and you’ll get a lot of use out of one bottle.


You can buy it on Dr. Jart’s website or at Sephora.


Anyone. It’s especially great for anyone with a damaged skin barrier.


I use this after cleansing and toning. Slather it all over your face. In the summer, it can be used as a moisturizer. And in the winter, you can use it as a serum before applying the Ceramidin Cream.

If you like sheet masks, Dr. Jart+ carries a Ceramidin sheet mask oozing with Ceramidin Liquid. I am a fan of this product too.


$39 (5.07 oz.)


Have you tried the Ceramidin Liquid from Dr. Jart+? If so, tell me your thoughts about this product below.

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