Managing My Sanity During Self Isolation

While I write this post, I’m vibing to the song Roll Wit Me by Co-Ed on one of my throwback playlists. Is my age showing? Lol.

It’s 4pm on Saturday, and there’s a slight chill in the air. I have my windows open as the wind blows gently into my apartment, making the fragrance from my incense more potent. There’s hardly anyone on the street, and only a few cars are driving by.

I’ve started using retinol treatments more consistently at night, so I’m even more careful about using sunscreen during the day, even though I’m confined to my apartment. I’ve also been focused more on self-care, especially since it calms my nerves. I even gave my self an at-home facial last weekend. 

Honestly, I’ve been quite anxious during our time of self-isolation. So, I decided to write down the things that have been helping me stay sane. 

I love being outside; it’s one of the reasons I moved to New York. And I didn’t realize how much I don’t enjoy working from home. Being productive while working from home has been an uphill battle for the last few weeks. I have better technological equipment and better seating at my job, so I’m not as efficient at home. And it totally frustrates me. 

But, I’m naturally a homebody and an introvert. So, although I’m flourishing and relishing in taking more time for myself, I get bored. 

After spending over four weeks in my apartment, here’s how I’m passing the time while social distancing and self-isolating. From songs to movies to books and self-care, I got you covered. I’m even including websites that have been getting all my money, thanks to their fabulous sales. Read more to find out the things getting me through.


I’ve spent this last month indoors redecorating my bedroom to make it more comfortable to work and relax. I’ve also been checking out the sales! Here’s where I’ve been shopping for lounge wear, skincare, self-care, and items for my bedroom.


I’ve definitely been doing a lot more reading during this time, and since I’m really trying to level up my business and mindset, a lot of my books revolve around that. But, I’m also taking the time to read a few books. Here’s what’s on the roster right now:


It’s no secret that I’m probably going to self-care my way through this self-isolation. Thank goodness I’m stocked up on some of my favorite things, from skincare to self-care.

Skincare Go-To’s

I also have a list of beauty items I’m getting from the Sephora Beauty Insider Sale.


I need to stock up on a few more candles since I’ve burned them all out in the last few weeks. Luckily, Nordstrom and Sephora have had some great sales, and Bath & Body Works has sales periodically. Candles are definitely a part of my self-care and just make me feel good!


Thank goodness the liquor store is considered essential because I’m not sure how I’d get through this isolation without a hefty cup of white wine every other day.


I’ve definitely been watching a lot more TV, and I’ve watched quite a few series that I never would’ve watched if I didn’t spend this much time at home. Here are a few movies and shows that I’ve enjoyed and always go back to:

  • Sex and the City: I watch both movies and the series religiously. It’s such a great show. I wish they would create another one similar…with black women preferably. I also watch it to get my fashion fix.
  • The Banker: A must-watch!
  • Boomerang: Another classic movie full of laughs. If I just want to feel good, I put this movie on.
  • Westworld: This is a new find. I enjoy a good sci-fi. But, I’m not a Star Trek fan, unfortunately. I literally binge-watched the series in a weekend. I’m all caught up!
  • Little Fires Everywhere: I love Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon. But, this series doesn’t get good until episode 5.
  • Self-Made: I enjoyed this even though the story was partly fictional. I’m a fan of Olivia Spencer. I also love her in the Apple TV series, Truth Be Told. 
  • FleaBag: This is a quirky British comedy that’s made me laugh. I binge-watched this series too.


I love music, especially R&B. Trust me, it’s the best genre of music. Here are a few playlists I have on repeat to put me in a good mood and get me moving around my apartment.

  • DNice > Rona
  • Queen & Slim Soundtrack
  • 2019
  • 2018
  • Sweet Soul Chillout
  • Summer Tabanca


It’s so easy to let your workout routines die when you’re working from home or being confined to your home. But, this is the time you really want to keep up with it, especially since it’s so easy to sit around, barely move, and eat a bunch of unhealthy snacks all day.

I try to get a good 30 minutes of exercise daily, even if it’s just for a walk. I also take virtual classes at JTWFit since I’d been going to class there 3x/week before all this happened. I enjoy Jah‘s coaching style when it comes to strength-training. And its something I wouldn’t do on my own.

I also love to dance. Dancing and listening to music are some of my favorite ways to pass the time, and it doesn’t really feel like a workout. You should see me during DJ Nice‘s quarantine parties.


This is probably the most I’ve ever FaceTimed, Instagram Lived, and text messaged in my life! I’m happy to talk to my friends and family more. And I’ve conducted 3 IG Lives so far, a conversation with a few skincare friends called #winedownwednesdays!

And, I’ve met more people on dating apps now than I did when I wasn’t in self-isolation. Those virtual dates give me something to dress up for. LOL. I also think you get to know someone better by talking on the phone because you’re less worried about superficial things, like how you look and chemistry.

And there you have it, folks! Here are the things keeping me sane during this time. Drop a few of your suggestions below in the comments! I’m always looking for more ideas during this time. In the meantime, please stay safe and sanitary.


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