Fall Skincare Tips: How to Update Your Skincare Routine from Summer to Fall

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fall skincare tips

Fall holds a special place in my heart as my second favorite season (with summer taking the top spot, of course). Who can resist the cozy allure of boots and sweaters? But as the weather turns colder, drier, and more unpredictable, our skin needs to adapt, and so does our skincare routine. So, let’s dive into some fall skincare tips to ensure your skin is ready for cooler temperatures and drier air.

Why Does Skin Change in the Fall Months?

The moisture in the air has a direct impact on your skin’s hydration levels. When it’s hot and humid in the summer, it’s relatively easy to maintain soft, plump, and healthy skin. We also tend to eat better and stay more active during the summer, which boosts circulation and promotes skin health.

However, your skin can quickly become more dehydrated in drier climates or as the weather gets cooler. Dehydrated skin can disrupt your skin barrier, leading to dryness, dullness, and increased sensitivity.

So, let’s explore a few skincare tips for transitioning your routine from summer to fall:

Fall Skincare Tip #1: Consider Changing Your Cleanser

You’re already aware of my love for cleansing—it’s one of the most important steps in your skincare routine. During the summer, I find comfort in using gel cleansers due to the heat and humidity. But as the colder months approach, those same gel cleansers can leave my skin feeling tight. So, I opt for creamier cleansers and nourishing oils.

Skin Tip: If your summer cleanser feels too harsh, look for one that leaves your skin more moisturized to avoid that dry feeling in the fall and winter.

Here are a few cleansers I’m loving for fall:

Fall Skincare Tip #2: Layer Up with Antioxidants, Humectants, and Emollients

Colder and drier weather can lead to quicker skin dehydration. Personally, as someone with eczema, I’m familiar with transepidermal water loss and a compromised skin barrier. That’s why I recommend a skincare routine packed with hydrating and moisturizing ingredients.

fall skincare tips

Consider layering products with:

  • Antioxidants: These include sunscreen, niacinamide, vitamin C, and vitamin E. They combat free radicals responsible for collagen breakdown, premature aging, hyperpigmentation, and conditions like eczema and acne.
  • Humectants: Ingredients like glycerin and hyaluronic acid act as “water-binders,” attracting moisture to hydrate your skin and boost moisture levels.
  • Emollients: Ceramides and fatty acids are great for smoothing the skin’s surface and filling in cracks caused by rough, dry, and flaky skin. These lipids play a crucial role in maintaining your skin barrier’s strength.

I also ensure I have products on hand to address skin irritation or eczema flare-ups.

Here are a few serums and treatments I’m loving for fall:

And here are a few moisturizers I’m loving for fall:

Fall Skincare Tip #3: Invest in a Humidifier

Drier air often equals drier skin. When it’s cold and moisture levels in the environment drop, the atmosphere can pull moisture from your skin. Using a humidifier helps counteract this, ensuring your environment is less likely to sap moisture from your skin. Well-hydrated skin is essential for it to function optimally.

There’s a humidifier for every lifestyle, from compact ones for your desk to larger ones that humidify entire rooms. You can even find silent ones that won’t disrupt your sleep.

Carepod Humidifiers

My go-to humidifier these days is the Carepod One. What sets the Carepod apart, and why it’s a game-changer for me, is its resilience against mold and bacteria, thanks to its stainless steel components. This compact yet powerful humidifier has truly elevated my apartment, and I can’t wait to enjoy its benefits for many years to come. Get 10% off your Carepod One with my code BEAUTYINCOLOR.

Fall Skincare Tip #4: Show Your Hands and Lips Some Love

The colder months can be harsh on our hands and lips. I reach for more hand creams and thicker lip balms. I often apply lip sleeping masks at night to lock in moisture and heal any cracks or splits.

TIP: Here’s a game-changing tip I picked up from @withsaj: exfoliate your lips with a chemical exfoliant. This helps reduce lip flakiness, a common issue in colder weather.

Here are a few lip products I’m loving for fall:

And here are a few hand products I’m loving for fall:

Fall Skincare Tip #5: Take Care of Your Overall Health

As it gets colder, we must focus on self-care for our overall well-being. Cold weather and dry air can challenge our skin, emphasizing the importance of a solid skincare routine. Also, with shorter days and less daylight, our mood and energy levels are impacted, highlighting the need for self-care practices that support our mental health. Remember, self care isn’t a luxury; it’s really a necessity to feel your best, especially in colder seasons.

When it comes to supplements, consider adding omega oils to your diet for better skin health. As cold and flu season arrives with fall and winter, boost your immune system with vitamin C-rich foods. Be aware of potential vitamin D deficiencies due to reduced outdoor time, which is crucial for your energy and mood. It’s also essential for maintaining strong bones and teeth. Lastly, prioritize self care and ensure you get the rest you need to thrive.

Here are a few supplements and beauty devices I’m loving this fall:

How do you transition your skin from summer to fall?
Share your fall skincare tips in the comments below—I’d love to hear from you!




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