The Best Skincare Ingredients to Add to Your Skincare Routine If You Have Eczema

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best skincare ingredients for eczema

Dealing with the discomfort of itchy skin and inflammation from eczema has been a personal journey for me, impacting not just my physical well-being but also my appearance and confidence. Over time, I’ve discovered that managing eczema is within reach with the right care and attention. When it comes to controlling flare-ups, a crucial aspect is being mindful of what you apply to your skin. The choice of skincare products can significantly influence the severity of symptoms. In this post, I’ll delve into the best skincare ingredients for eczema that can effectively soothe, calm, and, in some instances, even prevent flare-ups.

UPDATED: November 11, 2023

Skincare Ingredient #1: Ceramides

best skincare ingredients for eczema - ceramides

In the world of skincare, ceramides are like superheroes that help strengthen and rebuild your skin’s defenses. Imagine them as the “glue” that holds your skin cells together.

Think of your skin barrier as a sturdy brick wall. The skin cells are the bricks, and the lipids—ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids—are the mortar holding everything in place. This mortar creates a protective outer layer, making it tough for anything harmful to get through. It’s like a shield, safeguarding your skin from the environment and keeping it moisturized.

As you get older, the amount of ceramides in your skin decreases. This can lead to issues like dryness, wrinkles, redness, and irritation. If you have eczema, your skin barrier is already a bit weak, making it easier for irritants to cause trouble.

But don’t worry! You can boost your skin’s ceramide levels with some great products listed below. They’ll help strengthen your skin barrier and keep it resilient.

Products To Try:

Skincare Ingredient #2: Colloidal Oatmeal

best skincare ingredients for eczema - colloidal oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal is a great ingredient for all skin types, especially if you have eczema. It’s like a skin protector because it gives your skin moisture. They make it from ground oats, and when you mix these with water, it creates a protective layer on your skin.

People have been using oatmeal in skincare for a really long time because it’s known for calming itchy skin and helping with eczema. It’s also good at reducing redness and irritation because it has anti-inflammatory properties. The cool thing is, most people can use it without any problems.

When my skin gets super itchy, I take an oatmeal bath. I take a cup of ground oatmeal in some stockings and put it in my bathwater. You can use a muslin cloth if you have one instead of stockings.

Check out some products with oatmeal below if you want to give it a try! They use this awesome ingredient to make your skin feel better.

Products To Try:

Skincare Ingredient #3: Humectants

best skincare ingredients for eczema - humectants

Humectants are like superheroes for your skin—they’re ingredients that make sure your skin stays moisturized. Picture them as magnets pulling in water, increasing the moisture in your skin. This is super helpful for dry, dehydrated, and irritated skin that needs a bit of a boost.

If you have eczema, you might deal with flaking, cracking, and chafing of the skin. That’s where humectants come to the rescue! They can make your skin feel better and look smoother, especially when it’s all irritated and flaky from scratching during eczema flare-ups.

Some common humectants include hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and aloe vera. Check out a few awesome products with these ingredients below—they’ll give your skin the hydration it needs.

Products To Try: 

Skincare Ingredient #4: Petrolatum

best skincare ingredients for eczema - petroleum

Petroleum acts like a protective barrier for your skin, doing wonders to ease itchiness, flakiness, and inflammation while helping your skin hold onto its moisture and heal.

People dealing with eczema often face challenges like losing moisture and having dry skin due to compromised skin barriers. When you scratch too hard during an eczema flare-up, your skin can end up broken, leaving it vulnerable to more irritation, potential allergic reactions, and even infections.

What’s great about petroleum is that it’s gentle on all skin types, especially sensitive skin, making it an excellent choice for managing eczema flare-ups. Unlike some products that might cause discomfort, petroleum is hypoallergenic. It boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and antifungal properties, providing relief from irritation, redness, and discomfort. The National Eczema Association even vouches for the most common petroleum product, Vaseline® Jelly Original, saying it’s suitable for those with eczema and sensitive skin.

Explore some fantastic petroleum products below—they’re sure to make a positive difference for your skin.

Products To Try: 

Skincare Ingredient #5: Shea Butter

best skincare ingredients for eczema - shea butter

Shea butter is a popular ingredient in moisturizers and body lotions, but it’s a superstar on its own. Packed with natural emollient and occlusive properties, shea butter creates a protective layer on your skin that stops water loss and smoothens dry, flaky skin.

This amazing ingredient has been a go-to in beauty products for years, thanks to its antioxidant, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties.

When it comes to eczema, the best shea butter is unrefined—it’s pure without added scents or extra ingredients.

Take a look at these shea butter products below—they’re sure to give your skin the care it deserves.

Products To Try: 

Some things to consider…

While these top-notch skincare ingredients can do wonders for eczema-prone skin, it’s always wise to do a patch test. The National Eczema Association suggests testing any new product and steering clear if you notice any irritation.

If your eczema symptoms persist despite your product choices, it’s essential to consult a dermatologist for further guidance. Navigating eczema can be challenging, but the key to relief lies in maintaining a robust skin barrier and locking in moisture. Remember, your skin’s health is the ultimate goal.

Do you use these skincare ingredients to calm and soothe your eczema? Let me know in the comments below.


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    I really appreciate and thank you for sharing these highly beneficial eczema ingredients with us. Dealing with eczema and related skin health issues really a difficult task. Being presented in front of others with eczema-affected skin texture is so depressing and the majority of the people have no idea about what we are truly going through. Mental strain, distress, anxiety are all associated with this situation. I’ve tried many skin products for eczema prescribed by my dermatologist. What they give me is a temporary relief but what makes me feel good will be a permanent solution that is uncertain to find. Now I’m using the Cetaphil PRO Eczema-Prone Skin Body Moisturizing Lotion to reduce my eczema issues and it is giving me good relief. I’m happy that it contains these ingredients. Joined many forums and have subscribed to many weekly eczema-related articles. Hope to find the best solution for my skin texture too.

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