Maintain Strong, Beautiful Nails with the Manucurist Green Flash At Home Gel Manicure System

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Here’s my review of the Manucurist Green Flash At-Home gel manicure system.

manucurist green flash review
Me visiting the Manucurist Bonne nouvelle location in Paris, France

Since the pandemic hit, I’ve honed my skills and become quite the DIY nail enthusiast — cuticle care and all. Gel manicures used to be my go-to before salons closed; I religiously treated myself to one every two weeks. While I like regular polish, the longevity and chip-resistant nature of a gel manicure always had me hooked.

Enter the Manucurist Green Flash At-Home gel manicure system, a game-changer in the world of at-home nail care. This French nail brand has introduced the first-ever plant-based alternative to gel polish that you can effortlessly apply and remove in the comfort of your own home. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. With the surge in DIY manicures during the pandemic, the demand for nail care products has skyrocketed.

Amidst the many press-on options, Manucurist’s Green Flash line stands out, catering to those who prefer the salon-quality finish of gel polish at home. Naturally, I had to get my hands on it—pun intended—immediately. So, let’s delve into why the Manucurist Green Flash At-Home LED System has become my choice for achieving resilient, beautiful nails in the cozy confines of my home, offering a healthier alternative to traditional gel manicures.

Keep reading for my review of the Manucurist Green Flash At-Home Gel Manicure System.

manucurist green flash review

The “Green Flash” name isn’t just catchy; it signifies this is a”green” beauty product, meaning it’s crafted with 84% natural ingredients, which is seriously impressive in the nail polish realm that’s usually drowning in chemicals. And get this—it’s not just 12-free (no formaldehyde, toluene, or hydroquinone), but it’s also vegan and cruelty-free.

For those of us who adore gel manicures but cringe at the aftermath of removal—brittle, super-dry, and parched nails—this clean alternative is a game-changer. Traditional gel manicures can often lead to nail damage during removal, thanks to the drying effects of acetone and the sometimes-aggressive scraping needed to get every last bit off. But here’s the magic in the Manucurist’s formula: you can bid farewell to acetone soaking and aggressive scraping. The secret? You can use regular polish remover to take it off. That means you skip the downsides of classic gel nails while still enjoying the same long-lasting, chip-resistant benefits. It’s a win-win for your nails!

manucurist green flash review

Before diving into this system, I made sure my nails were filed, cuticles pushed back with any excess cuticles removed, and buffed. Gotta set the stage, right?

Then, I started the process with a clean slate, using the brand’s polish remover to ensure pristine nail beds. Next up is the base coat, which needs curing under the LED lamp after application, just like any other gel manicure. Luckily, the LED light has a 30-second and a 60-second button for easy timing (FYI: the base coat gets the full two minutes).

The rest of the process unfolds like your typical manicure routine: color polish application, two-minute cure, a second coat for that pop of vibrancy, another round under the light, and a final touch with the top coat, and three minutes of curing. Think of it as a regular mani with mini LED lamp breaks in between layers. 

Post-manicure, I apply a dab of their cuticle oil, and voila—I’m good to go, even when tackling my dominant hand.

Given that Manucurist’s Green Flash is a gel, it’s dry and done right after curing the top coat. Despite the more plant-based formula, my nails looked and felt like they just got a regular gel manicure. I will admit that I usually feel more secure after a professional gel manicure session. But, surprisingly, I managed to scroll through Netflix, handle my sister’s dog Natalie, and fix myself a drink—all without a single smudge.


Officially, the gel polish is supposed to last up to 10 days. Personally, I haven’t hit that mark, but a solid six days without a chip is nothing to scoff at. They do show a bit of wear and tear after a week, unlike my usual almost two weeks with a regular gel mani. But it’s still pretty impressive for a DIY gel system.

My only gripe? A few long days of relaxing in a pool or a DIY hair relaxer might call for a redo on my manicure a few days later.


Now, this is the real star of the show. The removal process is downright amazing. Minutes, folks, minutes. No soaking for ages or a full-arm workout. I grab a piece of cotton, use their clever polish remover clips to keep it in place, and let it sit for a few minutes. It’s MUCH easier than the foil-wrapping salon routine, trust me.

After about five minutes, the polish lifts off almost like a peel, and you can easily wipe away any residue. There might be a bit of flaking, but it’s nowhere near the mess of a salon removal. And the best part? My nail beds don’t end up in terrible shape like they usually do after stripping off regular gel polish, which is a win in my book!

manucurist green flash review

Absolutely, the Manucurist Green Flash is a game-changer if you’re in the market for a durable, at-home gel manicure that won’t wreak havoc on your nails like the traditional salon versions.

Sure, it may not match the perfection or longevity of salon gel manicures, but the trade-off is significant. My nails no longer feel fragile, and I’m saving valuable time by skipping the commute and multiple salon appointments.

Don’t get me wrong…I still indulge in a salon manicure as a treat or for special occasions. However, for the everyday moments in between, the Manucurist Green Flash LED system is a fantastic way to maintain a long-lasting manicure at home. Overall, it outlasts regular nail polish, offering that sweet spot in between.


  1. Convenience: No more scrambling to the salon for gel removal. With this kit, I can enjoy a lasting manicure on my schedule and remove the polish whenever I please.
  2. Nail Health: Even when I could make it to the salon, I got tired of dealing with dry, brittle nails that seemed to break at the slightest touch without gel polish. The Green Flash system addresses this concern.
  3. Longevity: Traditional nail polish, even the supposedly long-lasting ones, always ended up chipping on me. With Green Flash, my polish stays put for about a week.
  4. Gentle Removal: Taking off the polish is a breeze.Just use any nail polish remover, and the polish comes off without the need for drilling, picking, or filing. Plus, my nails don’t feel weakened or damaged after repeated use.
  5. Consistency: The polish isn’t overly thick like traditional gel; it’s more like regular nail polish.
  6. Color Variety: The brand offers a broad spectrum of colors, from nudes to bold colors and shimmer and glitter options.


  1. Application Challenges: Lighter, white-based colors can be a bit tricky to apply evenly. If you’re new to DIY nail painting, it might be better to start with a darker color.
  2. Product Compatibility: Only Green Flash polishes work with this system. Keep that in mind when expanding your color collection.
manucurist green flash review

So, let’s talk dollars and sense (pun intended). The Green Flash at-home gel kits start at $106. Specifically, the Discovery Kit at this price point includes a 24-watt LED lamp, nail polish remover, nail polish removal clips, base coat, top coat, and one color of your preference. (Now, if you’re eyeing the Starter Kit showcased in these photos, it’s priced at $183 and boasts three colors of your choosing, an organic cotton Travel Bag, and all the other essentials mentioned in the Discovery Kit.)

While these kits might not fall under the “budget-friendly” category, they do pack everything you need for a top-notch manicure. When you break it down against the expense of regular salon gel manicures, these kits essentially pay for themselves after 4-5 uses. (And if you’re throwing in a salon mani with some fancy nail art, you’re looking at recouping the cost after just 2 uses.)

For the full range of Green Flash polishes, kits, and nail care essentials, head straight to the Manucurist websiteBonus: they offer free shipping to the US on orders over $49.


And here’s the exciting part—I’m a Manucurist brand ambassador, so you get to enjoy a 15% discount on the Manucurist Green Flash At-Home LED System, polishes, and all the fabulous stuff they offer. Just use my code BEAUTYINCOLOR at checkout. Not only do you save, but you’re also supporting the Beauty In Color platform at no additional cost. It’s a win-win!

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If you’re into DIY gel manis or just want a polish that lasts longer, the Manucurist Green Flash At-Home LED System is the real deal. Personally, it’s earned a permanent spot in my manicure routine. This system combines strength, beauty, and lasting power, neatly packaged in one sleek setup. Say goodbye to the salon fuss and hello to healthier, hassle-free nails.

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